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I've acquired a Hasselblad 500CM mainly to replace my Mamiya C300f for 'studio' work. I use the Mamiya a lot for close-ups, but I'm a bit fed up with the parallax problems and having to use a paramender. I want to use the Hasselblad instead to get the same kind of close-ups (but not macro) - what extra gear do I now need to achieve this? The 500CM came with a standard 80mm lens.
Hasselblad provides many choices for close up work, ranging from Proxar auxillary lenses, extension tubes (including a variable extension tube), bellows for really close up and high magnification work, as well as macro lenses.

I opted for the extension tube approach, and have 8mm and 21mm tubes. These work well on the 80mm Planar and the 150mm Sonnar. You can use the extension tubes in combination to get greater magification ratios. But you will need to modify exposure depending on the extension. You can calculate the exposure modification from the following

f/number to be used = aperture taken from light mete reading x(focal length of lens/focal length of lens + extension)

Example using a 56mm tube with 80mm lens with light meter indicating 1/60th @ f11.

f/number = 11x(80/(80+56)) ~ f6.47 which would be somewhere between f5.6 and f8.0. If you need greater depth of field just alter the exposure to get the f-stop you need.

Hope this is clear