When I first started out with Platinum/Palladium printing, I was working with a couple of 5 x 7 prints. I didn't know anything about mounting alt. process prints at that time. So - I used an electric iron to dry mount them. I got a cheap iron at the local drug store, used the edge of it to tack the dry mount tissue to the back of the print, trimmed the dry mount tissue to the size of the print, put a clean piece of paper on top of the print, and ironed it (keep the iron moving) until the print was clearly stuck down to the backing board (took a few minutes).

I know that many people say that you shouldn't dry mount alt. process prints, and I now make little corner mounts to mount my larger prints, but at the time with the smaller size print, it seemed like something to try. The prints have been hanging in my dining room now for 5 years and show no signs of damage or the dry mount lifting up at all. The surface of the prints also didn't show any sign of any damage from the ironing either. It was an easy process with the smaller size prints and I didn't need a dry mount press. Just use the iron at about the lowest setting because the dry mount tissue doesn't use a higher setting on the iron to work.