I went down this road. Trying to figure out what to buy. This is what I learned from listening to everybodies opinions.

1) Stay away from the Yankee tank. If you're offered money to take it make sure it's alot of money-))

2) The HP tank works but does it work the way you do? It uses lots of chemicals. If you don't use dilute developer this might be an issue. It fils/drains slowly. Once again this might be an issue. One person told me he bought three tanks!. What he does is open the tank and move the film holder instead of draining.

3) The Jobo 2500 tank is what I got. It can be expensive. The Jobo processors can't handle alot of dilute developer. Check the limits on the Jobo website. It's claimed that you can use them for hand inversion but thatt will take alot of chemicals. What I did was get a motorbase instead of an expensive Jobo processor. Handles lots of chemicals.


My system is similar to this except I use the Jobo tanks.

The other advantage for me is I needed to get a bigger tank for 120/35 also.

4) the Jobo 3000 tanks. Damn things are really expensive when I looked. Supposedly do a better job then the 2500 in the opinion of some. I doubt you'll be able to use them without some sort of motor.