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How, when on a limited budget, will another body with a lens of similar focal length to the one you already have help you to fulfill the requirements of your commission? In the end, you will have nothing much different than what you already have, and still will not have what you need to get your job done. This one is a no brainer.
I wasn't clear about the budget...I can swing the extra ~$200 for the 50mm lens I need. My plan is to get the RZ kit and the 50mm lens.

I had always thought that RB glass would be a lot cheaper than the newer RZ glass. After really looking into it for the first time I was quite surprised to find that it wasn't really the case. I guess something just feels wrong to me to pay more (or even the same price) for inferior glass. I figured that if I can swing the extra money for an additional wide lens, I would be making a more long-term decision.

The biggest investment in camera systems is usually the glass, and I feel that buying RZ glass will be a better use of my money. The camera solves a couple of the issues I have with the RB (inconsistent exposure among lenses, two-motion cocking, etc) and I think I would be money ahead going into it now rather than later, especially if this job will more than pay for the gear.

I realize a lot of people disagree and the RB67 seems to be generally more liked on this forum than the RZ67, but I gained a lot of insight from the comments. Several good arguments were made against the RZ67 system and it helped me make sure I was thinking about everything. The downsides of the RZ that most presented would not be downsides for me. I do definitely agree that it would be a bad choice if I only had $300 to spend and chose to spend it on a new camera that still did not have the lens I needed.

I think perhaps I incorrectly framed the question to suggest that I could spend either on a 50mm lens or an RZ67 with a 90mm lens. Since I can do both, I think I'll be happy with the choice.