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Gandolfi's of course are great cameras but.......I'm very much a 'swing and shift' fan - any thoughts on differences here and whether you feel that it's not much of an issue for your kind of photogaphy?

hi Andrew-

I love my gandolfi's for a simple reason.
I am possibly a snob.... so I like the craftmanship behing the camera - all hand made, and clearly with "love".... (I have seen a Deardorf... And I would never trade... even though I think the Deardorf can a lot of "fancy" stuff..) - it is easy to use - it is sturdy, and especially the 4x5 and the 5x7 are quite light. Easy to carry around..

(the 8x10 is surprisingly heavy, but that's ok, as I normally use it in my studio..)

I am not a tilt/shift kind of photographer. I seldom need it, as my subjects are mostly portraits, nudes and still life's..

And my experience is, that many people that claim they are "afraid" of sitting in front of a camera, relaxes as son as they see the Gansolfi's

The cameras have a possibility to tilt/ship a little with the backs, and that's enough for me.

The biggest "problem" with the two smallest camera are in fact the size of their front plates...
It makes it rather limited in what lenses I can play with...

(But the 8x10 has a nice size front plate, and as I also have a 4x5 reducing back for that, I can use this if needed....)

Should I need a camera with the tilt/shift possibillity, then I just use my Sinar (4x5 and 5x7). I am fortunate: I have more cameras than I can use in my life time.....