For sale is a good User condition Fuji GA645i camera. Cosmetic wise I consider it a User. Functionally, it is in perfect working condition except for the front shutter button (sets aperture/focus but does not fire the shutter). So consider this a GA645 with extra (i.e. can recognize Fuji film barcode). For those who are not familiar, GA645 pretty much operates like a P&S. Light weight and has 65mm f3.5 Fujinon EBC lens which is bitingly sharp and contrasty. It produces wonderful 6x4.5 negatives.
Includes: Camera, generic metal hood, generic cap. $375 ($10 shipping)
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Also for sale are 3 sets of rechargable CR123 batteries for the camera with charger (wall and car) - all new. $35 ($5 shipping)

Camera + batteries: $400 ($10 shipping)

Price includes paypal fee. Int'l please ask.
3 days inspection period for CONUS, no return/refund for int'l. I have bought and sold items here, RFF, and big auction site. Reference:
Thanks for looking.