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I ... wonder why they stick to this peculiar, messy long winded method of making pictures ?
You make being peculiar, messy, and long winded sound like bad things. I do it for those reasons: it is peculiar in that few practice this craft any longer. It can be messy if you get sloppy, but that is what mops are for. And something that is easy and quick to achieve is rarely the best that can be done.

But I make photographs the traditional way because I can better express my artistic vision that way. And because I am infinitely more satisfied looking at (and feeling) a fiber based print that began as a film negative than I am an inkjet print from a digital camera. Because for me, there is far more craftsmanship involved in producing a photograph the traditional way. Because 2 hours in the darkroom is more pleasurable than 2 minutes at the computer. Because, as Stephen Stills wrote, "I don't do bidness that don't make me smile."

Why do great guitar players "stick to" 50 year old Strats and tube amps?
Why does Elmore Leonard still write his books with a pen on yellow legal pads?