The comments are in the order that I have filed the image; they sometime pile up for a day or two before they get into my filing binder, and can thus not be sure to be based on the order in which they made it to me.

Anikin – a great image of jellyfish in colour, and printed square to boot. Oh, I like it for such a fluke shot that you describe it as.

amiett – a delightful design on the paper bag/envelop this card was posted in. Nice use of selective focus/ depth of field control on the image of the fungus on the tree truck. Printed square. That I wish I had the nerve to do more often when I shoot 6x6. I am forever tempted to crop to a 2:3 or so aspect ratio to somehow try to ‘improve’ the image.

Birger A – The Orchid. Very nice, and when I looked, I don’t think I was suppose to get a card from you. Thanks for sharing the image. As I mentioned previously, almost senual in a way.

Box Brownie – Abandon Playground. Neat abandon near cliff image. I like that I saw it explained, because otherwise my brain is torn from the sights to the why. As a series it would play out very well. The selenium gives a very nice vintage look that ties in well to the abandon equipment images.

Drpsilver – Prickly pear cactus – another good crisp use of sharp/unsharp artistic use of depth of field.

Dave Martiny - #9 PG Nudes: Not Really Naked. I love the subtle texture that flows from side lit skin. The braided hair and the shadow it casts, and the finger positioning on the shoulder make the image come together very well.

George Nova Scotia – Track in the snow. Nice use of dividing the image into thirds, and putting such different bits in each third. The wandering fence line of posts in the snow is great. Oh, and love the old paper. Good use of the image if the paper is a bit fogged. Perhaps I have started an old paper fetish in another?

Mooseontheloose – Rachelle, the framing of the shot, and the way that you set the tones in the print are superb.