I'm lucky enough to have fully equipped printmaking and photography departments at the art school I'm attending. 5 etching presses and 4 UV exposure units - but the best piece of kit has been a heavy duty guillotine. It's designed for cutting tin and copper plates for the acid etching class. It easily cuts my photopolymer plates, but if I cut a sheet in half, one of the resulting pieces will have a raised edge from where the plate has been bent up slightly by the blade. That's something you need to avoid or your contact will just be rubbish. After I size my plates I trim the edges by a few mm to make sure there's no raised edge.
The photopolymer itself can be cut with a stanley knife, the metal support will need something more heavy duty. I havent looked at any of the other options, but I'll have to start looking soon because I'm graduating and I'll need to start setting up my own studio.

I'm actually curious about this whole vacuum frame thing now. The exposure unit right next to the one I've been using has a vacuum frame built in. If I get a chance next week, I'll plate two images on the different machines and report back if there's a noticeable difference, with scans.