hey all,

it pains me to sell this, but I must. bills need paying, and 35mm isn't calling my name anymore.

works super fine, flash works great, fresh battery loaded in it last month, 2 rolls ran through it since then.

all functions work fine. there's some minor internal dust on the lens, but otherwise, its super-sharp, nice and contrasty(in all the good ways ), and produces beautiful negs, color or b/w(tri-x and this lens work great together IMO, YUMMY :P!!!)

there's a crack near the switch on the top-right corner(see the last picture for greater detail). It was there when I got it, its never got in my way of creating some of the best shots in my portfolio with this awesome camera! your turn now .

$150 shipped in the USA, int'l please pm me for a quote to your location




roll of Arista Premium film shown in camera is NOT included in the sale. they're my pictures .



see crack in the TOP of the highlitht by the panel line, just at the top of the greyish highlight, right next to the screw.