AG Photographic reported that they "believe" that it's been discontinued -- so at least they cannot get it from Kodak anymore, so they replaced it with FujiHunt kits.

I was really sure I had read the discontinuation notice from Kodak website, but cannot find it now! Maybe it was just a (bad) dream...

All I can find is just a random quote apparently from "Kodak", saying: "the Kodak Professional E-6 5L Kit was discontinued and is no longer available. This decision was based on the lack of sales of this product. We continue to offer the 10-liter sizes of the Kodak E-6 Chemicals through most dealers of Kodak Professional products. Please be aware that you would also need to use the 1st, CD and Bleach Starters when making your working tank solutions." This quote is from a Finnish photography forum but does not state source, just "Kodak".

Apparently, at the same time there was a rumor of Fuji Hunt E6 kits discontinued at the Large Format Forum, but that, at least, is not true! They are readily available at least in Europe.