I came back to analog photography from digital photography too. I fell into the digital trap too. Since starting digital photography and spending piles of money, I bought many digital camera and 4 Macintosh computers, 2 inkjet printers and various peripherals. Most of it is now E waste. It's not all bad. I built up enough skills to make a transition from being a commercial photographer to being a tech monkey at a university. The good thing is that I kept all my photo gear and my darkroom. I came back to analog photography with a fresh perspective. There's a new freedom in using my old camera and darkroom gear. There's no constant need to upgrade my gear doing analog photography. The only problem is that all the photo labs and camera stores that I patronized are mostly gone. It's very tough to get good color film processing. After shooting a roll of film, don't miss the instant gratification. I love the anticipation of processing my film and looking at fresh out of the fixer. There something real about this versus a bunch of glowing pixels off of a computer screen.