I recently developed film for the first time in many years. I've been gathering equipment and finding my old kit for some time.

My first 2 cassettes were some Plux X of uncertain vintage. They'd been stored too warm, too long. A "reel" challenge to load on a Nikkor (sp?) stainless steel reel, the sort you load from the inside out. Yessss! The years in the attic had imparted a powerful curl!

But they let me get my chops back for loading the reels. D76 revealed faint images, enough to let me guess that the film might have been 20+ years old! I may scan them in and see if anything can be salvaged.

The next several cassettes were in-date and yielded good images. I'm trying to decide whether to scan them in to Elements 9 for cataloging and "contact" sheets, or to fire up the Paterson contact printer. My feeling us that Elements would let me tag them for easy access by subject and easily evaluate the sharpness for "real" printing in the darkroom. And save paper for enlarging.

For me, at least, black and white belongs "in the dark." I've never gotten a decent print either from digital or scanned negatives in BW from my Epson R1800. In the past I worked with a dear friend who was a wizard at color wet work, but I never got any good. So, I'll do color on the Epson and BW on the Beseler 23.