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Knob, Single-throw or Multiple-throw?
Maybe it's the way I shot when I was growing up, but I just don't get a sense of closure when shooting with my Canon EOS -- No satisfying thumb throw after each shot. Myself, I just can't see shooting with a 35 that has a knob to advance the film. Ideally, I'd like a single-throw lever. I guess that limts the field quite a bit.

Don't rule out a Leica IIIf or IIIg with an Abrahamsson rapidwinder attached to it. (www.rapidwinder.com) It makes the knob wind leicas as fast or faster than a lever wind M version. IIIf's are generally cheap and there are a whole lot of interesting lenses out there for the screwmount leicas. And as far as resolving power goes, most lenses will converge in quality at about f/8. If you shoot mostly in daylight, I wouldn't sweat the lens choice too much.

When I first read this reply, I thought "ugh... the last thing I want on a Leica is a motor drive". Tonight, I followed the link and found an elegant, manual and swift film advance system. Probably a bit too rich for my blood, and I'd love to hear from anyone who gets similar speed of advance from knobs as they do levers.

Those rapid winders do look elegant, though.

Your comment about the resolving power of older LSM lenses and f8 convergance has me thinking as well. Does that mean that in older, uncoated or single-coated LSM lenses, I can actually find a mini version of the classic soft focus portrait lens, with softness at wider apertures and clarity at smaller ones?

Most of my shooting IS in daylight, but much of *that* is indoor through window light or just after dusk, which amounts to a lot of shots demanding wider apertures.