Following on from “is my Cpe2 dying” I have come across a Jobo ATL 1000 that doesn't heat. I have trawled through the forums and found other threads that were resolved by the circuit reset button or in my case a piece of white plastic that doesn’t seem to do anything whether I pull it or push it so I have to assume it is something else.
I have used a working one before so I know that I am not operating it incorrectly, the water jacket is filled up to the correct level and I can tell that the switch is triggered as the processor starts making a 'different' sound, but alas no heat. So my question is has anyone come across the problem and solved theirs?
I have contacted our good friend Klaus in Germany and he has suggested that I try to power the heater separately and go from there. I am hoping that he is also willing to send me the machine diagrams.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated