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How did your shots turn out, Galah?...

...Also, I am a proponent of the grip. I want to do some tests to be sure it's not affecting the sharpness, but if nothing else it is much easier to carry around. Get a big wide hippie camera strap too.
Alright, regarding my shots, the first film was two to two and a half stops underexposed, however, the lab was still able to print them all even though most of them looked very dark and moody: quite "pictorial". I rather liked the effect.

For the second film, I used a hand-held meter: the Gossen Lunasix-3.

This second lot of shots came out pretty well (perhaps a touch dark for my personal taste) but good.

Both sets of prints were enlarged to 6"x7" with fill-in, and I found them breathtaking (even those a bit/a lot dark).

The vendor then "recalibrated" (whatever that meant) the meter for me, and the readings it now gives are about +1/2 stop above the Gossen's: which should be spot on for my taste . I am still in the process of finishing off a film using the recalibrated meter.

I find the handle very "handy", but have noticed that the upper mounting/retaining screw tends to work loose in use (I am contemplating the use of some thread-locking fluid from my car tool box ("Locknut"?).