Welcome to 8x10! The best thing going on right now in barrel lenses is 240 G-Clarons: modern, razor sharp APOs recently discontinued by Schneider. Igor has them listed under 'dark room' on the web for $90. A little high for a barrel lens, but if you eventually can obtain a Copal #1 from somewhere(NOT the Press model&#33 It should screw right in. Get a scale for the f/stops and you'll have a great moderate wide angle lens that you could have bought elsewhere for $500+. Other good used lens(s) in shutters would be the Commercial Ektars, either the 12" or(my favorite) 14" and Dagors. The best deal I know on 8x10 sheet film would be from Photo Warehouse & Freestyle sales for incarnations of Ilford film. For ultra cheap they have Ortho (ISO 3?) and develop in old paper developer. Enjoy!