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Hi Badwx25

If you have hand tools it is practical to dismantle a lens until you get to the shutter blades and drip Zippo fluid (petrol cigarette lighter) into mechanism until it frees.

If you google the instructions for your lenes may be available.

If you don't have a lens spanner a pair of pointed nosed pliers and a file can be used to make an equivalent tool, or a pipe of the correct diameter, so there is less risk of a slip, inspect carefully that a threaded lens (nut) ring has not been sealed with a dab of nail varnish/lacquer.

But you will get dust into the lens for sure even in a normal dust free room.

The World is full of inoperable photographic equipment that ham fisted novices have dismantled on their kitchen table, when I worked in a camera shop we used to get processions of them clutching plastic carrier bags filled with dismantled components with pathetic expressions on their faces who said " I've tried to repair my **** and i cant get it back together again", unfortunately many pro repair firms won't touch equipment that has been tampered with. If lensed are disassembled they need to re-collimated on an optical bench on assembly to ensure that all the elements are correctly lined up to a central datum line, and that they are parallel to each other.
It's a great thing in life to aware of ones limitations which is why I leave it to the professionals.