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Hi guys

I recently purchased a Practika MTL5 and I am really anxious to start shooting!
Today I went to a retro camera specialist and got a battery for the lightmeter. The storeowner told me to adjust the iso a little bit, because the battery that was used in this camera is no longer available, and the new one that is now put in the camera has more power so the lightmeter may be off a bit.

But when I use the lightmeter on broad daylight, with a 400 TX kodak film and iso set to a little under 400, and my F on 1.8 .... I would expect that the lightmeter would go pretty high above the middle bar. But it hardly does.. in fact, when I try to use the camera indoors.. I hardly get enough light according to the lightmeter..

oh, the shutterspeed is set to 30.

Can anyone tell me if the lightmeter is off or that the camera has difficulty getting enough light?
The proper mercury batteries provide a consistent voltage to the end of their life, but the modern replacements gradually loose voltage. It generally starts off too high then reduces over time and the meter readings are correct for only a short time. Check out what appropriate replacements are available and work from there.