Yesterday, my dad came back home with two B&W films he "borrowed" from a friend of his -- a long story would follow this sentence if i was to play with your neurves...

So anyway, the two films are labelled "Kodak Academy 200" and look fresh enough. No blurry paint and no scratches on them or whatever. The thing is, i've never even heard of "Academy 200", and from the quick search i just did, not many people have. I found a couple of posts on forums and mailing lists claiming that this is a film that Kodak markets only on third world countries such as India [!] or Russia [!]. Another guy mentioned that this is old cinema film -- which is actually not, i can tell you that from what i see in front of me.

I've also found some developing information on Digital Truth. I've seen no images or read about anybody using this film, though. What the...?

Does anybody have any information about it? I'm rather curious! =)