Ok Just got back from Philadelphia heres my take on Project Basho and its offerings.

First rate facilities for what I signed up for, Project Basho delivered exactly what they offered and exceeded my and my friends expectations.
Christina Anderson is a great gum teacher and a good person to boot.
Shelbys talk as always was inspiring , humbling and well worth the trip even though I did not sign up for his course.. he is a first rate gentleman not to mention a Guggenheim winner an quite possibly Americas best portrait photographer of this time line we live in. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak or take the time to get to know a bit about him it is worth the effort.
I did not meet Dave the Hammer Shultzs or Rocky for that matter but had a great Philly Melt and have to say the people of this region are almost as nice as Canadians.
One of my favorite times spent were at Penn Landing docks touring the submarine and warship(that brought back the last unknown shoulder} These two vessels were awesome beyond belief.
My father (who was a steam fitter) passed away this year and my time on the sub was a very emotional experience as I felt him walking through this unbelievable piece of history with me and I wish I could fly him back with me to see these incredible landmarks.
Philly drivers suck, almost as bad and Toronto drivers , but lots of great restaurants near the hotel and I certainly would go back to Philly .

Project Basho should be on your to do list as they are offering great lecturers,workshops and is run by a pretty cool dude. I highly recommend this group .

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Sign me up for three tickets with a possible fourth.

looking forward to eating a real Philadelphia Melt, I hope to meet Rocky too.
Is Dave the Hammer Shultz still in town??