I am selling a Canon Leica thread mount 50mm F1.4 in very good condition. I bought this on another forum a couple of weeks ago with two other items and I need to sell this lens to help cover the cost. Regrettably I have too many 50's to justify keeping this gem. Some claim this is the sharpest 50mm lens that Canon made in LTM and I would not be one to argue with them! It is also the second fastest lens Canon made in LTM (with the controversial, but popular 50mm F1.2 taking the speed crown).

The lens had a recent CLA according to its previous owner and I think this shows. The focus and iris action are just right, and the iris blades are free of oil. The glass very clear, fungus-free, and haze-free. There are two or three tiny (I mean << 1mm) white dots on a rear element and a handful of minute micro scratches here and there. I mention these minute issues only for the sake of potential collectors or glass perfectionists and they cannot affect use (at all). I would rate this lens as a very, very good user and it will take outstanding pictures.

Sold with a nearly new aftermarket hood and front cap.

Price: $275 plus insured shipping