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Very blue that 47. I'd worry about color fidelity; black reds and
greens and everything in between. A good example though of
contrast control through use of a filter. Perhaps a light cyan
or magenta would help to preserve color fidelity and let
the blue through. Dan
Quite right! When I began to photograph, about 60 years ago, I used orth film and usually had good results. If I had a cyan filter it would have been used to make the image in question. The point is the use of a blue reducing filter may not always be the best choice depending on the circumstances. Sunlit snow scenes usually have high contrast to begin with so I don't see the point of increasing it further.

I think the best advise given is to open aperture 1-1/2 to 2 stops to record the shadow detail then reduce development to control the negative contrast and highlights. And always think!