You can get reels for 8mm and 16mm (as in, they can do both) by LOMO. They're about 100 bucks on eBay if I'm not mistaken. Reversal processing isn't all that difficult, and many different developers could be used. D-76, Dektol, HC-110, etc. There are lots of threads on APUG that deal with it, and quite a few articles as well.

In a nutshell.... you have a 1st developer that dev's the negative image, then you bleach this (potassium dichromate & sulfuric acid for instance) which removes the negative image and then there's a clearing bath of sodium bisulfite (I believe) to get out the chemicals, and then you expose the roll to light (totally fog it) and this exposes the remaining silver. Some people use a chemical foggant, which has been discussed in a recent thread called "Stannous Chloride Foggant Recipe" or something. The 2nd exposure exposes the positive image only, since the negative image has been removed in the bleach. The 2nd developer brings out this image, and then a wash. Apparently no fixer is required because you've already gotten rid of the other silver.

Reversing it in post is certainly an option, but it would be fun to watch the movies by projection as well. Hollar back if you can't find the threads and I'll post some links.