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Re: R.I.P. Kodak E6 Kits
Well I have confirmation from Kodak that they are in fact discontinued.

Kodaks response to my email inquiry:

"Dear Tony,

Yes, the Kodak Professional E-6 5L Kit was discontinued and is no longer available. This decision was based on the lack of sales of this product. We continue to offer the 10-liter sizes of the Kodak E-6 Chemicals through most dealers of Kodak Professional products.

From what I read it should be clear that Kodak E-6 kits have not been discontinued at all.

A commercial decision has been made to sell this product only in 10 litres kits. The 5 litres kit will not be made available any more.

So no need to stock 5 litres kits for the future, and no need to spread unsubstantiated rumours.