Just a heads-up for my APUG friends. After almost three years chasing "real" jobs around the country, I'm back in the south with time to do what I like the most - making contact printing frames.
I know APUG members were some of my best customers, and sources of good ideas in the past. I really appreciate your suggestions and good will! I hope I can continue to supply contact printers everywhere with some of the best hand made printing frames available.
I'm not taking any orders, just yet, but I already have six 8x10s in the works that I'm using to tune up the process. I should be in full swing by the end of November 2010. My plan is to make 8x10's and 11x14's and keep things simple with just those two sizes.
You can see what I'm up to on the pellandphoto.com web site. As always, I welcome your comments. Thanks! Dan P