The 5L kit was great. It was only fifty bucks, with no monkeying with starters, replenishers, etc. I ran through my developer twice, using the second run through for less important stuff, and ran through a third time if I had any cross processing to do. I have three stockpiled, but one is kind of old and has a big "iceberg" in the developer, so I plan to take a blender to it and use it for cross processing. They used to have it on the shelf at Freestyle, and Samy's could always special order it. I don't shoot enough E-6 to warrant a replenished system and large volumes. The 5L kit was the perfect solution for me, and was very cost effective. The 10L batches may be OK for me if they are mixed a liter or two at a time, and the concentrates are decanted as they are used up.