I should have given you a bit more information. If you really want a cyan look, I would start with a 5cc cyan filter with the tungsten film. If that is not enough then go to a 10cc cyan. If that is not enough put the 5cc and 10cc together for a 15cc.

I would look at getting polyester filters to experiment with. You can get those from Calumet Photographic (they have a web site). You will have to hold or tape the filters in front of the lens as they are just sheets of polyester film. However, they are fairly rugged and inexpensive (as opposed to Wratten gelatin filters). Once you find the correction you like, then see if you can get a glass filter to use permanently on your lens.

Otherwise, you can buy filter holders to screw onto the front of your lens that will hold the polyester or Wratten sheet filters. Generally, if you want to do this, you will have to buy the cardboard filter holders that sandwich the polyester or Wratten filter between two pieces of cardboard to make it thick enough to slide into and be held in the sheet filter adapter's slot.