I know it's now November and this was first posted in April, but a few days ago Bin Dahn gave a lecture at UNC-Greensboro about his process and resolved images. Chlorophyll Prints are not the same as Anthotypes.

Bin Dahn's Chlorophyll Print process is fairly simple, but people rarely are able to execute the process to its fullest potential because of the amount of time it requires.

Also, please note that it might be necessary to print place and clip the negative to a live plant and expose it to the sun directly. The leaf has to be able to breathe. Bin Dahn uses unclipped leaves and clipped leafs, but either way the photosynthesis process has to be continuous during the print process. Note again, that the type of leaf will make the difference. A flatter leaf requires slightly more loose clamping and allows the plant to use the photosynthesis process more efficiently.

Bin Dahn uses resin to preserve the process.

I must stress that this process is in service of the image at all steps. It's not like willy nilly print on a leaf.