Been shooting an RB67. However, just picked up an RZ67 that came with an AE prism finder (first model with adjustments on side) and I'm having trouble understanding it's operation. I have the RZ owners manual, but not the AE prism manual. I did find a manual for it on line, but the manual seems vague and doesn't explain the operation of this finder well enough for a lug like me to understand fully. First of all, in using the AE, with the camera dial set for AE, this only controls what shutter speed the lens fires at...correct? You still have to set the aperture to manually match the LED readout inside the finder for correct exposure..right? If I want to set both manually, I turn the knob on the finder to the speed I want...right? And the knob on the camera stays set on AE...or not? Also, is there a better user guide for this RZ67 system? Owner manuals seem to be short on instructions. Another thing, I also got the double cable release with this camera, but It seems to me that I get better results in using two separate releases. Sorry for the long post. Your help would be greatly appreciated.