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Can someone please tell me why Zeiss, Contax, Rollei, Leica, Voitander, Linhoff, Schneider etc dont all band together and create a new 30mm x 30mm specification for lens mount and film/digital backs (ala the 4/3 format by Olympus, except a larger sensor size).

Im sure anyone who has held one of these crafted cameras would love a "no stress", upgraditis free solution in the current disposable digital camera market place.

Together they would be a force no?

Trouble is the current digicrap makers are making "disposable digital cameras" very much by design. They've learned from the computer makers. We consumers are stupid enough to buy a new computer every 2 years just because there's something faster out there. The old one works but "its just not fast enough!". That keeps those computer peddlers busy. The digicam is no different. Make 'em cheap, make 'em disposable.. Joe consumer will be back for more in 24 months.

I still use my 1947 Contax IIa on a daily basis with its superb Stuttgart Carl Zeiss lens. That's why Contax is fading fast. I don't need to buy another camera from them... although I'd like to