I agree with medium format adding to resolution, different DOF qualities, aspect ratio variations as well of as having an all over different "feel" to it - yet still, seeing how film has changed since the fifties, and with examples like "The Afgan Girl" (being taken with a Nikon FM2 and a third party lens) I don't really see it as that black and white (no pun intended) with medium format being the "only" professionals choice of format.

Yet still, I would like to try and see if I can really get that different medium format quality by going up in format size, even though I still very much enjoy the spontaneity and feel of 35mm manual focus SLRs.

Maybe it's just that - while playing with film photography, and how you can get all sorts of great equipment so cheap, it's hard not to end up too gearheaded - maybe I should go back to more basic aspects of visual arts like drawing, or just shooting more randomly for a while and see where that takes me, it's just that working with something for a while, you kind of notice the monotony of what you're doing and want to go for some more interesting subject matter - but that can also hold you back seeing as getting more afraid of shooting hoping to save the shots for something better keeps one (by one I mean me of course) away from just working/playing with taking pictures.