Seems like there's a whole lot of people who're into Medium Format who also get into Large Format as well - I've yet to try that out (though I should spend a year or two figuring out the cameras I already have), though the ground glass experience of a real good modular LF camera sounds tempting, I should still figure out how to exploit the different DOF and resolution aspects of the 645 and 6X6 format.

I just got into photography about two years ago, before I thought of photographers as tourists and annoying snapshooters and not as artists like illustrators and painters - the ones I looked up to as I love drawing the most to begin with, all in all I'm not too worried about always having a great quality image, as photoshop and drawing skills can often make use of those interesting, yet technically lacking shots.

Because of all that, and that I first learned about developing photos by B&W darkroom processing, I've yet to try out Velvia and color negatives processed from the store, and seeing as I just got access to a scanner, I guess I should leave my comfort zone of what I'm used to and try that as well.

Considering all the answers here, there still seems like there's a lot of compromises made for camera to film size ratio here, with the TLR's and all - seeing as I've to deal with something as "small" as a 645 system I guess I should just start getting used to stripping down the camera, only carrying one or two lenses, using the manual winder, maybe even the waist level finder and all that.