I've been moving away from 35mm format film (though digital is another matter: I'm moving towards full-frame 35mm format). These days I tend to use 5x4 for landscape and architectural photography and am finding my new (secondhand) Mamiya 645 Pro TL (with metered prism viewfinder) my preference for macrophotography - though I still prefer large format macrophotography with stationery objects. The Mamiya 645s are heavy when one is used to conventional 35mm cameras, but lightweight compared to large format equipment. Unless you need to do close-up portraiture or macrophotography, I would suggest you look at the Mamiya 7 (6x7cm format rangefinder cameras) series cameras. I know of at least one professional landscape photographer in London who uses a Mamiya 7 for ALL his landscape work, on the grounds that it is more portable.

Link: http://www.mamiya.co.uk/products.php?id=7&body=true