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i'm new to LF and i use at the moment a jobo tank/ reel to develop the films. The reel can keep up to 6 sheets and the tanks need 1.5 liter to develop (never mind if inside is one sheet or 6 sheets).
I'm wandering if there is the possibility to develop using less solution. Most of the time I do not have 6 sheets to develop but only 2 or 4 and 1500 cc is really a lot.
Thanks for your help

Marco, I use a Jobo tank and reel for 4x5 but I use it horizontally on a Jobo processor. This requires a minimum of 270mm of developer. I don't think that this can used properly without the processor. I develop 8x10 sheet film in an Expert Drum which can be easily rolled horizontally by hand and doesn't require a processor (I roll it in my darkroom sink).

You can find second-hand Jobo CPE-2 processors for not much money and they are very economical to use, with regard to chemistry. If you can't find or can't afford one, tray development is also economical. I have NEVER been any good at tray development, however. I always scratch at least one negative. Some guys swear by it but they are obviously more careful than I.

A slosher is probably the next economical way to go and when my CPE-2 dies, I will probably be looking into that.

Good luck.