This is a good thread for me!

I am leaving next week for a week in the evergades nat park and big cypress preserve. We wil be camping, looking around and taking pictures.

MY kit.....!
leica M8
leica M6
Hassy x pan
Mamiya 7
Mamiya RZ67

I really thoguht about this a bit...
M8 for an "always with me" body. My GF does appreciate the digital files for speed of view and the IQ is amazing
M6 for 35mm B+W if I dont feel like the mamiya 7 or if i need lens options I do not have in the mamiya 7 OR if I want to shoot a bunch and not fool with changing film all the time
X pan....I really consider this MF. I swap B+W with extachrome in it. B+W seems to be more "street" style trip photos and the extachrome sems to be more didicated, composed, tripod mounted photos.
Mamiya 7. The main user. I use this for almost everything and it gets the most use after the M8
Mamia RZ67. I use this when I have gone out with the intention of taking pictures. It is not a "carry round" camera at all! I have the kit set up in such a way I can lug it some distance in only minor misery. I enjoy it the most and believe it produces the best quality negatives.

I wll be vehicle based for this trip!

Day to day I am sold on the M8/mamiya 7 combo