I'll say it even though you'll think I'm crazy (oh wait, I am crazy): Graflex! The first mf I bought was a Graflex RB series b 6X9 (well, 2-1/4 by 3-1/4), and it works a treat. Got a couple rollfilm backs (graflex 23's), and i was shooting big negs thru a reflex camera with interchangeable backs for 250 bucks or so. Plusses: that Graflex 24 speed shutter allows great finetuning of the exposure. Lens (uncoated though it is) is sharp as hell. Built like a tank, repair info easy to come by if you need to. Easy to do multiple exposures. Minusses: no flash sync, no metering, you don't look cool holding a big-ass box with a hood sticking out the top, except in a steampunk sort of way. Great fun.