To expand a little, I greatly appreciate your offer of information, if I were coming back, I'd love to have more input from people who know the city. I was aware of the Ghetto, and of the Acqua Alta, but didn't experience either. I saw various planks and blocks stored out of the way in Saint Mark's Square, but I guess we were there between appropriate moon/tidal phases (we were there in late March of 2002). It may be just as well, as I have terrible balance for walking planks.

Part of my problem was traveling with other family members and only having less than three full days. One starts with some things he is aware of, then goes through the guide books and makes a list but there is never enough time to see everything on the list. I am sure I could easily spend a month there with camera gear and still be sorry to leave. I really loved the fact that it was possible to walk the entire city, it isn't nearly as big as some of the other Italian cities. It was really fun to wander through all sorts of narrow vias and discover little bridges, piazzas and restaurants. There were many places where the lighting at a certain hour of the day would be desirable too, but alas, this was a quick sight-seeing vacation and not a National Geographic sponsored photographic expedition. At least we set up the itinerary ourselves, so we did not have to meet some group or bus at a certain time and place. We were free to adjust our travels within the obvious limitations of time and money.

It was definitely an enjoyable and memorable experience. I imagine people who live there become aware of various flaws and problems (and probably get tired of herds of tourists overwhelming the major landmarks), but I really enjoyed being there and seeing the place with my eyes as well as my camera.

It is kind of you to offer "insider" information, I know a number of other APUG folks have gone there and may do so again.