Hi All,

You may notice some banners disappearing for a time. It is because we are migrating over to a new system and it will take some time for our advertisers to sign up again. I'm over the moon about this new system. Our advertising is going to be outsourced and managed by Shinyads.com an award winning ad agency. It will take a considerable work load off of me, provide our advertisers with superior service, functionality, reporting AND cheaper ad rates. Our ads still remain private, no other ad networks will be serving goofy ads on APUG. I will continue to keep ads non-invasive like they are now (no animations, popups, popunders or any of that carry on). We should be able to offer a few new ad placements as well, possibly a text ad appearing in APUG email notices, specific forums being sponsored, or an ad in the chatroom "this chat is sponsored by ....". If anyone has questions or suggestions just let me know.