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I have an oldie rb 65 and actually it's very good. That would be the lowest end option and I think it'll satisfy you. Just be sure to hood the thing. As I mentioned elsewhere, the rb 50 is the only rb lens that disappointed me. But then again, I was comparing to the 50 on the mamiya 6, so...
Hi Keith,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I had the same question. I'm looking for a 50 or 65mm wide-angle lens for my RZ67. Why were you disappointed with the 50mm? I can't afford the ULD so I'll have to go for the regular 50mm f4.5 W. The 65mm is also an option and around the same price. I am looking for a good lens for landscape photography and for taking pictures of outdoor lighting on homes at night.

Any help would be appreciated.