These are the kits for automatic processor that mixes the chemistry on the fly. I suspect the best bet for you would be to call Kodak tech support and ask them directly for mixing instructions. If you are not afraid of little experimentation, you can try mixing based on ratios in Kodak's z101 document, page 2-1. Get the document, but it lists the ratios as follows:

Developer (3m15s @100F):
Part A 0.959
Part B 0.120
Part C 0.442
Water 11.48

Bleach (1m @ 100F) Don't mix, use as is

Fixer (2m @ 100F)
Concentrate 7.55
Water 7.55

Final Rinse (1m @ 100F)
Concentrate 0.483
Water 26.8

Notice, these are ratio values, just multiply by the same constant to get desired target volume. For example, by multiplying developer parts by 77 you'll get about 1L of solution like this:
Water 884mL, Part A 34mL, Part B 9.25mL, Part C 74mL

Remember, mixing order of developer is important: Add Part A to about half amount of water, mix, add part B, mix, add part C, top off to 1 L, mix.

Good luck, and let us know how it comes out!