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I hope this died a natural death,there is something annoying about forming groups inside groups after all what does the 'G' stand for
Ehmmm...but this is not a group within a group.

It is the Irish APUG group.

About a dozen APUG'rs met up last Saturday for a few hours to look at prints and discuss our current work and it was great to see the diversity of projects that people are working on.

There is no feel of a different 'club' or group about our meet ups because if there was I for one would certainly not turn up to them (scroll back to post 9 of this thread for my feelings on clubs).

Instead, we swapped ideas on film, paper, processes, techniques and even our motives behind the work we are currently doing as individuals and I have to say it was very worthwhile.

I spoke a bit about my zone plate projects, Martin showed fantastic pinhole images and lith prints, Brian and Vincent each showed their unique IR images, Paul had a great selection of prints with him, Hugh had an amazing body of 5x4 work on concert venues/gigs, Eddie produced great lith prints and holga work, Peter had superb prints (as usual), and Rafal produced 8 stunning landscapes from his upcoming expo which is due to open in Krakow, Poland very shortly..and that's just to mention a few.

APUG'rs from all around the country are welcome to attend if they have the time and there are no 'rules' as such.

I found it really useful and dare I say it...we had some fun.

We have a meet up in December (see the other thread) and it would be great if you could come along. It's only a couple of times a year that we get together and the people are all very keen photographers.