Just got a Agfa Ambi Silette in throiugh the door.

Looking over this and a few other Agfa cameras I have, both 35mm and medium frame, one question popped up.

Agfa was always first and foremost a chemical company, that diversified into film production and also processing like Kodak.

But did Agfa have camera production plants? Or did they just order them from reputable manufacturers after their own design and specifications?

In USA Agfa was known as ANSCO which also was a chemical company. I know (or think i know) that ANSCO did take over camera factories in the US, and that they manufactured AGFA models, or maybe had them rebranded to US-specific models and designations for export to USA.

In later years before bankrupcy Agfa most likely had cameras manufactured elsewhere and rebranded, after the collaapse of the german camera manufacturing industry around 1971.

So what models was manufactured in Germany? What where produced in USA and what was produced elsewhere?