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...It shows that if I want to use the roll film holder, i have to remove the ground glass every time, that could be a pain... is there some other way around this? also, do i have to take off the ground glass when i'm shooting sheet film too?
Look for a Linhof Rapid Rollex slide in roll film holder, it goes in the camera just like a regular sheet film holder. The disadvantage is that you cannot leave the film unused for long periods without winding because the film can take a set where it reverses over the roller in the end of the holder.

No, you do not have to remove the ground glass when using a sheet film holder. The film holder is inserted in the camera in front of the ground glass which is displaced and used to hold the film holder by spring pressure.

Look for a book "the View Camera" by Steve Simmons, you will learn a lot more a lot quicker. There is another book on view cameras published by Kodak. Have one or both of these before you decide to buy a camera.