Collective wisdom and experience of the group needed here -

When using my 50mm CF Distagon lens with a filter, I use a Hasselblad bay 60 to screw-mount adapter. I use B&W 67mm filters, and I get noticeable vignetting in the corners of the frame with even one filter. Much worse if I stack a filter and a polarizer.

As I see it, I have two options: Buy the Hasselblad filters, which may not solve the problem if I stack them, or use a larger-diameter filter. I'm not sure a "thin" filter will solve the problem either.

This is not a problem with any of the other lenses, only my 50. I'm not about to abandon the lens for the FLE model, and I'm not sure I wouldn't run into the same problem there anyway.

Solutions, anyone?

Peter Gomena