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So what models was manufactured in Germany? What where produced in USA and what was produced elsewhere?

Agfa/Ansco twins that were made in Germany include:


Silette (Ansco Memar)

Super Silette (Ansco Super Memar)

Karat 36 (Ansco Karomat)

Solinette (Ansco Regent)

Super Solinette (Ansco Super Regent)


Isolette II (Ansco Speedex Special)

Isolette III (Ansco Speedex Special R)

Super Isolette (Ansco Super Speedex)

The Ansco Clipper used 616 film and was made in the U.S. It was sold by Agfa as the Agfa PD16 Clipper.

There are probably other Agfa/Ansco combinations, but these are the ones I know.