A while ago. I posted a classifieds ad to sell a Rochester-optical I picked up and cleaned up.

The lens on it was something I was unfamiliar with and I assumed was a junk lens until a response to the ad. Camera parts did not sell and i got interested in this lens. Last night I had a bit of inspiration, though a week and a half ago I built a lens board to hold this lens. No idea what f-stop to shoot this at, though I measured the lens to be roughly 334mm. I cut a piece of cardboard from a 12 pack box to use as a "old hat", had a sheet of very old, non-refrigerated polaroid type 59 color and took this shoot on a guess. 20 secs exposure. no idea what this actually tells me, but it was nice to get a exposure on a first try and I am happy with the craziness of the print.