jerevam: i never thought about this. im a redlightarea-worker

i tried it because a friend of mine got a strip of red lights, which he used as darkroomlight.
it was bright as hell. you were unable to see anything of the negativeprojection on the paper.
these times we were looking which led these were etc. but there were noch chance to find it out.
so i tried the philips bulb.

maybe you can talk to the guy in the shop to test serveral lamps. and give the rest back. and when they all work its brighter

and lets know us which works well -> when you are testing.


ps.: maybe sometimes we think a little bit to much about everything before we do it.
lets try it!!! and see whats happen. last days i made a papernegative with my plotter on transparent drawingpaper at my work.
a strange look. athers will never try this because of this and that and they will never explore new ways. it will be much more important to write down and comment what happens and tell it to the others so they can do it also.