Camera style :

A few weeks back I visited an antiques shop here locally. I was carrying my B&H/Canonon Dial half-frame BTW. In through the door came a locally famous rock/pop artist with common-law wife (she being an US-american). I knew his father from school back in the day, so I approached and discussed some local matters (culture politics etc etc), during the conversation his wife brought some old clothes, scarfs etc for them to try out, and I whipped out my Dial and documented fun & embraces (gorgeous woman!). So the conversation turned to my COOL camera.

Turns out she was looking for something like that, and OLD camera with SOUL. I told here where I got mine, being young, it took less than a minute before e-bay was on her smart-phone and she was browsing for some cool stuff. I gave her some advice, and told them that if they ever decided to go for decent film cameras, I would be available to give them a quick course, developing films and scanning the results for Net-use.

I think it might be an under-surge out there somewhere, artists are seeking something special. We who use film are suddenly "interesting" and making real pictures on film, developing by oneself, is something akin to writing lyrics and putting music to it. I will pick up the thread again and sound them out if they're still interested. Spreading the Gospel!