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well, I guess a 20 euro taxi ride is still cheaper than the bill of first aid at a hospital for a hit by your wife's frying pan for making it to late
Totally off-topic...

I must have the best wife in the world... let me rephrase that... I do have the best wife in the world... (ok, she's gone now ) I'm only ever out on my own once or twice a year, and one of those times is usually the cast party for some community theatre I do in another city about an hour's drive away. We have agreed that I will stay out as late as necessary, including spending the night on a couch somewhere, rather than risk a drunk driving charge. I usually just stop after a couple of drinks and wait a few hours before attempting the drive, but because the party doesn't start until the curtain falls on the closing performance, it is a late, late night. So, thanks, hon... I really appreciate it.